Gemstone Bath Mix 

When intense gem water is added to the bath shortly before bathing, approximately 32 fl oz is sufficient. The water will cleanse, revitalize and help to relax your body and spirit.  Gemstones are known to increase the pH-value in the water, which helps to detoxify the body. 

Using a body brush during the bath will also enhance this process.

Adding 3 Tbsp. of Farfalla face and body gemstone oil can also enhance your bath!

You can add any other products you would like to this bath mixture, like salt, clay or herbs.

Below are specific bath mixes with gemstones, and the composition of the oil.

There are several ways to prepare your gemwater for your bath.

1.  You can use a gemstone vial, and the advantage is that you never have to clean the stones.

2.  Place gemstones in a glass container, however the stones will need cleansed every 10 days.

 Both methods take about 12-24 hours to prepare. 

3.  Place the gemstones directly in the bath, however the disadvantage is that you have to clean the gemstones each time, and not every stone is suitable for this method.

For further information in this process refer to “Gem Water” by Michael  Gienger  and Joachim Goebel.

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The Serenity Mix contains Blue Quartz, which has a calming and relaxing effect. Dumortierite calms the nervous system and helps with headaches. Blue Chalcedony is good for the respiratory organs and changes in the weather. This blend is composed of lavender, rosewood, roman chamomile, and tangerine.


The Regeneration Mix contains Unakite, which speeds up the healing process, rebuilds, and strengthens. Ocean Agate stabilizes the immune system. Zoisite with Ruby promotes feelings of togetherness and harmony. This blend is composed of ravintsara, myrrh, and litsea cubeba.


The Anti-Stress Mix contains Aventurine which strengthens the connective tissues and relieves pain. Magnesite is used for deep relaxation and stress reduction. Smoky Quartz is for treating muscle tension. This blend is composed of sweet orange, rosewood, lavender, and ylang ylang.


The Joy of Life Mix contains Garnet, which promotes passion and promotes consistent energy flow. Rose Quartz is good for blood circulation;  Ruby inspires feelings of love and power. Using this oil or stone blend boosts vitality, courage, and self-confidence. This blend is composed of rose, sandalwood, rose geranium, and bergamot.


The Positive Flow Mix contains Sodalite which helps move the lymph. Amber is excellent for joint pain, and Blue Chalcedony is good for respiratory organs, and changes in the weather. This blend is composed of white fir, geranium, and palmarosa.

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The Fountain of Youth Mix contains Chrysoprase, which eliminates toxins from the tissues. Green Fluorite helps with chronic tension and allergies, while Peridot carries the gift of inner radiance and promotes warmth and well-being. This blend is composed of juniper berry, sweet fennel, and lemon. 



The Security Mix contains White Agate, which protects and supports you when you’re feeling out of sorts. Nephrite detoxifies and strengthens the liver or unblocks it, while Serpentine brings a sense of peace, combatting negative energies. This blend is composed of vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin, and orange. 


Gemstone Massage Protocol 

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